DealerTech Summit

Video Submission


  • Submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes and focus on the following prompts:
    • DIGITAL MENU PRESENTATION: Presenting the value of Voluntary Protection Products online instead of in person necessitates a different approach. Share your money-making approach!
    • OVERCOMING F&I OBJECTIONS: Objections are not “no”, rather they are an opportunity to share the value of the Voluntary Protection Products. Present your special word tracts to overcoming objections.
    • OVERCOMING SALES OBJECTIONS: Similar to overcoming F&I Objections, but focused on sales managers as they offer up killer closes.
  • Record your video as if those watching the video are the ones being presented to in the dealership.
  • Six finalists will be selected for each category and will receive a free pass to Industry Summit and 3-night hotel stay
  • During Industry Summit, video submissions will be aired and the audience will vote in real-time
  • Finalist in each category will get trophy and cash prize of $1000
  • Overall Challenge winner will receive $5000 cash prize and trophy
  • All winners will be featured in an issue of F&I and Showroom or Auto Dealer Today magazines
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